1More Stylish Review
1More Stylish

Extremely comfortable, cute and compact charging, clear as well as pure sound, killer battery life for earbuds and water resistance when it comes under the unbelievable price of $100, it is 1More Stylish. 1More continues its motto of providing reasonably priced sound quality by 1More Stylish.

1More directly tries to attack its competitors, which is no other than Apple’s Air pods, against battery life, durability and user-friendliness. They claim to have even better sound quality than any nearby range earbuds or also Air pods.

1More gave you sleek, attractive design and heavy bass, but many say it does lack in noise isolation. So, is the 1More Stylish the only earbuds you were searching which stand on all your tests of sound quality, battery, connectivity. Find out this in the full review of 1More Stylish.

Design and Build Quality

Lightweight than the 1More last earbuds, the Stylish models, follow the footprints of the company on the product design. Just after opening the lid of the box, you will see cute oval-shaped earbuds, slightly more prominent because of the higher battery life looks pretty good. Each earbud has a single LED for notifications. You can easily buy these online using Paytm Mall Coupon Code with great deals.

Stylish has round rubber on its outside, and in the box, 1More provided three different ear-fin along with four different sets of ear tips for everyone to get their most perfect fit. And that is the reason why they will never feel like falling out or losing their grip from your ears even while doing physical activity.

One noticeable con of Stylish is the controls button on the earbuds; there are two but can’t be used instantly for changing the levels of volume. Tap then Double tap and order your voice assistant to do the same. A different way of tapping has various meaning like answering calls or changing tracks, and it feels quite complicated while using.

1More doesn’t official says about the waterproofing or dustproof of Stylish as they haven’t given any IP rating, but users are saying it resist sweat and water while exercising.

Connectivity and Sound Quality

The connectivity process is quite simple and easy in 1More Stylish. Same as other open the case of the earbuds to make them go in pairing mode and connect it with your device. 1More has given Bluetooth 5.0 in stylish, which is incredible and will not make you face connectivity issues ever.

It lacks in with its competitors in individually connectivity as the Power beats pro or Air pods provide single earbuds connectivity, but it doesn’t create any problem.

It will surely give you one of your best wireless connectivity experience thanks to the AAC functionality along with aptX. The effect of aptX can have felt in every beat of the clean and dynamic music coming out of the Stylish. And yes, it beats the Air pods in case of sound quality and overall experience because of its more considerable musical stability.

The bass is also impressive, perfectly balanced and run parallel along with the beat. 1More Stylish touches the bar of Bose sound port, which is costlier than Stylish.

Noise isolation is something where Stylish disappoints you. It is terrible even when it is good sealed. You can feel the more external sound and the average performance of noise isolation.

The Battery life

Stylish has an egg-shaped 410mAh case used for charging. 1More doesn’t offer USB C to Stylish, it is the same micro USB, but this time 1More has worked on battery life providing 6 and half hours of enjoying time on a single full charge, and it is a lot more when compared to Apple’s Air pods.

The charging case provides you option of charging it for three total uses, which are 25-26 hours and is easy to carry because of its compact and small size.

1More Stylish Review
1More Stylish

1More gives quick charging aka fast boost charging in Stylish in with only 15 minutes of charge enough for 3 hours listening. This time 1More has given a bag, a drawstring bag which is useful for carrying all charging stuff together and due to its flexible nature, it is well-protected on a rainy day.

Price and Availability

Coming to the essential part of the review, Market price Vs Real worth. 1More provide a variety of colour, a total of 4 Gold, Rose pink, Spearmint green and most popular black which offers you to have your favourite earbuds with you. The pricing of all the models is the same, $99.99.

The Stylish comes with a 1-year warranty against in defect in the product or its material design. And yes, it is budget earbuds but performs actions like some flagships. It is readily available on Amazon. Moreover to this if you are looking for technical assistant jobs, then it could be the best chance to try it.


The things which 1More are given in Stylish whether it has massive battery life or its design or the sound quality which is better than many flagships and at the price of $100, doesn’t total judgement for the user.

Samsung’s Galaxy buds are in coemption with these because they have an IPX2 rating, but they come at $30 more than Stylish. So, if you have thought for earbuds under $100 then there are no other brands nearby to touch the bar set by the Stylish, go for it.


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