apple wireless charger patent details


Not long ago, Apple filed a patent regarding its legendary Air power wireless charging mat. Even though the name of the device was not clearly mentioned in the patent, it’s not hard to say that we are talking about the same mythical device.

apple wireless charger patent details
apple wireless charger patent details

Wealready know that the Air power charging mat will be capable of chargingmultiple devices like iPhone, Air pods and Apple watch at the same time.Besides this it is capable of establishing multiple communications with them.The charger works by allotting unique Ids to the charged devices and thuskeeping a track of their battery levels and stop charging when needed. It canalso tell screen sizes of the devices and their charging levels.

Besides , the phone gives you a message warning if you have ample battery to last through the day. It keeps in mind your established charging routine and your commitments and meetings in your calendar entries.

According to the latest report the device’s announcement is expected in early next year.The intricacy and advance features of the mat are the main reasons for thishold up so far.


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