Pakistan dirtiest city

One of the significant issues of Pakistan is garbage. We know every city in the country has the problem of waste and how to handle it? In almost all the cities of Pakistan has makeshift of garbage sites where people throw everything that is to be wasted.

The garbage sites now become a little and healthy thing that becomes a part of every city. Authorities and communities of cities are unable to control the garbage and leave this garbage on citizens that they threw on alternative sites. It leads to the spread of disease and sickness in the city area, and also affect the beauty of the city.

Survey about dirtiest city Of pakistan

The recent survey conducted by Gallup and Gilani Pakistan, that which city of Pakistan is dirtiest and which city in cleanest, and the result is below.

dirtiest city of Pakistan

According to this survey 25% Karachi ,7% Peshawar, 11 % Lahore, 5% Faisalabad 3% Quetta, Sahiwal, Multan, Sukkur are dirtiest cities in Pakistan. 24 % refferd different cities in a different rank, 8% did not respond. 51% of the population said that Islamabad is the cleanest city of Pakistan.


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