Microsoft shortly passed Apple as the most valuable American company

Apple was once the highest selling brand in the market has now been replaced by Microsoft. Microsoft hit the highest index of $813 billion, one billion ahead of Apple. One of the primary reason of Apple decline is that it sales of Smartphone (XR, XS, XS Max)   are not as high as it was expected.

There are many reasons behind the falling of Apple’s sales graph. Apple is trying to balance by increasing retail price of iPhone yearly and selling subscription-based services like iCloud and Apple Music.

apple iphone mobiles

Microsoft, on the other hand, is performing well with its products like Azure cloud services, Office 365’s subscription-based model and Xbox. It is expected that Sony and Microsoft will soon launch brand new electronic consoles.

Apple has developed the partnership with Amazon to sell its products; this might increase their sales. Apple has launched latest models of new iPad Pro, Mac Mini, and MacBook Air lineups. We are curious to know what upcoming year would bring for Apple.


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