oppo foldable smartphone

Recently release of a foldable smartphone is announced by Oppo. The announcement is likely to happen at Mobile World Congress which is being held at the end of February 2019. Samsung is also planning to unleash their first foldable smartphone at Mobile world congress or CES in January.

According to the patent which is filed for foldable smartphone by Oppo, the phone will consist of three foldable screens which will transform into when one big display when unfolded. This design is slightly different from other makers proposed designs for foldable phones.

samsung galaxy x

Oppo emerged as another competitor in the league of foldable smartphones.

Samsung has already described its idea of a foldable smartphone, consisting of three screens two at the front making one big display like a tablet when unfolded and another display on the outer side of the phone which can be used like current phones. LG patents show different possibilities of the foldable smartphone, one demonstrating a folding screen capable of bending back on itself and providing an outer display.

Samsung Galaxy X is expected to be the most expensive foldable phone offering good quality but Oppo could be its cheaper substitute. As these phones are coming with new innovation we can expect a marked rise in their prices as compared to other phones. These folding phones could be the future of smartphones with Google’ Android adapted to support.

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