Samsung galaxy s10 price in pakistan
Samsung galaxy s10 price in pakistan

Firstly the Samsung phones that launch his phone with a quad camera. You can capture your image with the power of four with 12 GB internal storage. If we talk about Samsung galaxy s10, this company provides you with the best smartphones till now and ahead. Also, the technology is an unstopped thing because people revolutionized it with different features and factors as Samsung phone are now is the best smartphones in the world by launching Samsung galaxy.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 will be the best phone around 2018. But now grab and mark your calendar because Samsung starts his new smartphone Samsung galaxy S10 in 2019. Now what we can expect from Samsung phones that it will offer us advanced camera ’s, good looks high internal storage. So the rumours tell us that Samsung galaxy S10 has all these features.

Samsung S10 releasing Date:

Samsung reveals the releasing date of Samsung galaxy S10 is on 20 February 2019 to prepare your calendars because you have to buy this phone at a little and suitable cost. Samsung phones arrange to launch event in London where the company announce about latest flagship.

samsung galaxy s10 camera
Samsung galaxy s10 camera

Samsung S10 Price in Pakistan:

When we talk about its price, its price range depends on different models as it consists of three models Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10E and supersizes Galaxy. As per their sizes galaxy S10 E super size is on the higher price of $1250 and 174,843.75 in Pakistan  and Galaxy S10E small size with 999pounds around $1000 and 139,875.00 in Pakistan and Samsung galaxy S10 669 pounds will be available for $850 and 118,893.75 in Pakistan.



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