Mobile & Telecom Imports Decline by 7% in First Seven Months of FY 2018-19
Mobile & Telecom Imports Decline by 7% in First Seven Months of FY 2018-19

In the first seven months of 2018-19 (July-Jan) the imports of mobile phone witnessed a decline of 7.11%. During the same period of last year, the ratio is $456.254 million as compared to today $423.818 million.

In 2017 January the imports of the mobile phone are $79.759 million while in 2018 January the imports are $59.77 million. Here is a 25.06 % of decline occurs in mobile phone imports. In December 2018 the amount was $59.396 million, while the last month figure is higher about 0.63%.  The Pakistan Bureau of Statistics released that data according to the observations.

In July-January 2018-19 10.58 % of decline occurs as compared to last year. Total imports were counted as $783.45 million in this year .while in the past year 2017-18 in the same duration. The number of imports is $876.1124 million — 4.35% of the decline in January 2019 occurs. In December 2018 the figure stood at $110.006, and in January 2019 the number of decline mobile phone imports is $127.524 million.

Telecom apparatus import Percentage:

In July-January (2018-19) a decline in telecom apparatus is over 14.35% which stand out at $359.632 million against the $419.87 in the last period. In December 2018 the registered telecom apparatus was 26.49 %  which improves in January up to $67.753 million.

According to the sources the import of mobile phone worth is in millions of dollars that are smuggled into the country, which results in massive loss of national exchequer.

PTA increases revenue:

After the device Identification Registration and Blocking System (DIRBS) implementation Pakistan Telecommunication Authority increases the budget for mobile phones to import the mobile devices about $ 200 million per year. The DIRBS decided to generate the extra budget in reducing the security challenges.

The ministry of information technology & telecom, PTA has developed DIRBS at PTA permission for avoiding the discourage mobile phone theft,  counterfeit of mobile phone usage and protect the consumer interest and in line with telecom policy of 2015.

The system will improve law and order within a country against the mobile phone snatchers and will also enhance the quality of mobile phone services and mobile cellular operators.



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